Health In Business Management Training

Health in Business - The Healthy Heart

including ‘business zero point measurement’, health coach skills and leadership skills.

1. Right now many companies and organizations worldwide, are in the process of understanding the importance of taking care of the health and wellbeing of their ‘human capital’ and take this into their own hands.  A new profession is being born.
2. This fast growing new profession asks for a thorough understanding of the nature of natural health science-in-business and even more to develop the ability to create practical new tools, adapted to the needs of the companies and people you are going to support in their leap to higher health levels and upgraded functioning as co-workers in-company.
3. A detail: we choose to use simple English in our teachings, quite free from technical terms, for international purposes in order to be accessible for non-English born people.
4. We provide our training both in Dutch and English language.

Our training is designed to enable the trainee to guide the workers of a company, business or organization to a higher level of health and wellbeing. As a result, the level of illness will decline, which, as you probably know, is an extremely costly loss for any organization. Surely financially – on average a daily cost of € 300, – per person – apart from losses through extra stress and confusion in teams and among coworkers.
Apart from that, a better health and wellbeing of the co-workers results in less mistakes, less bullying and better communication. And: the positive health results spread out in general daily life of everybody. Improved health pays off in all levels of life.

Preferably we are happy with a training on academy/college level or a similar education, or practical  direct experience on that level. In case of doubt we choose to contact you after your first step application.

Our training is individualized and consists of a mix of self-study in the materials and books we recommend, as a part of our curriculum, and minimum 2  monthly meetings for teaching and support purposes. Preferably live, otherwise through Skype. The average study investment is really very individual and estimated on 8 hours a week of modern, guided study in case of a half year training, so 4 in case of a year’s training. Apart from that some reading/studying has to be done.

1.   The technique and organizational aspects of bringing an organization to a higher level of wellness in general
2.   How to study an organization on all levels of general health awareness and how to improve and advise on bottlenecks and challenges
3.   General modern management techniques for group guidance in the process of health improvement techniques and lifestyles
4.   One of the main subjects: study of the main 4 most effective lifestyle techniques: food, motion & sport, stress management and ‘social connections and skills’
5.   Basic natural leadership course
6.   Full training in the profession of personal lifestyle coach.
7.   Ergonomic study focused on natural body management during work
8.   Communication skills to inspire workers to step forward in their personal health. This seems like a small subject, but experience shows how important this is.
9.   Some case takings to be done.
10. How to take care of your own health and wellness and strengthen your own creativity, self-confidence and inner stability.

The course is indeed designed to be adaptable to the needs of the group or individual participants.
The minimum duration is 6 months, the maximum a year, depending on the time the participant can invest in this study.

The financial investment in this training for this new profession of business lifestyle health manager and coach is €3.650,- ex btw. The investment in study books is estimated on €250,-

In case the student prefers to have a diploma, an essay-like thesis has to be made on a subject, chosen in accordance by our committee and the student.

For further information and details please feel free to contact:

Ab Straatman +31 6 244 049 68

IJsbrand Straatman +31 6 417 471 26

Or send us an email and we will send you a questionnaire.